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Dodge Chargers on The Simpsons

Did you know that Snake drives a charger?

Chargers and other muscle cars show up on the Simpsons from time to time. Someone involved with the series obviously has a passion for this car.

Snake drove a 69 charger in at least three episodes, first when he tried to run over Bart in a "Bullit" take-off, second playing a cattle rustler, and third when he robbed Moe's Bar and then ran over Chief Wiggum in the "Pulp Fiction" parody.
Dodge Chargers on the Simpsons
Last season, Homer bought Snake's muscle car. He buys it at a police auction and drag races with Principal Skinner before Snake breaks out of jail to get it back. Can you tell what type of car this is supposed to be?
Dodge Chargers on the Simpsons
When Barney went to take helicopter lessons there was a charger in the parking lot. These are the little things you notice when you watch the Simpsons too much. If you know of other episodes where a charger appears, contact me.

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