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How to cast a nameplate

Cast a nameplate is realy easy even if it require patience and
a certain effort.

In the case of the Thunderbird or Galaxie.It's not necessary to do a silicone mold
all you need is modeling clay that is avalaible in most store.

1st Step
Work the clay with your hand until she's soft enough then made a ball of aproximately
one inch in diameter  and make sure that the surface is soft.

2nd Step
Press one side of the ball on a piece of glass, the surface should be between 3/4 of an
inch and one inch of diameter, the rest of the ball must be thick enough to avoid distortion
when you will press the clay against the nameplate to cast.

3rd Step
Press the plane surface of the nameplate that you want to reproduce with just enough pressure
to obtain a good impression then remove slowly the modeling clay. If the impression is not good
do it again.

4th Step
Once you got a good impression place the surface on top and be sure that is on level.Mix a little
amount of Devcon epoxy whodry in five minutes and poor slowly into the mold until it's flush
with the mold once the epoxy is to roughly dry remove gently from the mold.Remove the excess of
clay from the emblem with a No11 X-acto blade. File with care the back of the emblem until she is
soft and of the model whit a drop of crazy glue.