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Québec radio stations

 CAUTION:Select and made your choice!


For a better experiment on our internet waves, we recommend you to use Windows Media Player

In case of problem:

if you have a problems with the (French) on-line listening, 
please consult the online help (question mark at the top 
to the right in the menu).

In the case of Windows Player Media, you can consult
the FAQ of the site of Microsoft to the following address:

Once the software RealPlayer or Windows Player Media installed, made your choice among our stations in the list on your line:

Get Windows Media Player 9
Please, download Windows Media Player free of charge

RockDétente 107,3 Montréal WinMediaPlayer
RockDétente 107,5 Québec WinMediaPlayer
RockDétente 94,9 Gatineau / Ottawa WinMediaPlayer
RockDétente 96,9- Saguenay/Lac-St-Jean WinMediaPlayer
RockDétente 94,7 Mauricie WinMediaPlayer
RockDétente 102,7 Estrie WinMediaPlayer
RockDétente 99,9 Amqui WinMediaPlayer
RockDétente 102,9 Rimouski WinMediaPlayer

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 last update January 1, 2010