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  Ford Motor Company

1863-Henry Ford born July 30.

1891-Ford becomes an engineer at the Edison illuminated company.

1893-Edsel Ford born.

1896-Ford drives his first quadricycle through Detroit.

1898-Ford's second car completed.

1899-Detroit Automobile Company organized. Ford named superrintendent.

1900-Detroit Automobile Company ends late in the year with poor sale.

1901-Henry Ford Company formed November 30. Henry Ford given one-sixth share and name chief engineer.Ford leaves after only three months,takes with him the name and $900.

1902-Former Henry Ford Company renames itself Cadillac. Ford and Tom Cooper biuld two 80-horse power race cars know as "Arrow" and "999."Barney Oldfield becomes first driver to circle a one-mile track in less than a minute driving 999. Ford and Alexander Y. Malcomson organize the Ford & Malcomson Company,ltd.

1903-With more investors,company incorporated as Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford with 25,5% interest,first car introduced,called the Model A. Henry Ford is refused a license under Selden patent to build automobile. Ford continues to build car anyway.

1904-Model B,C and F introduced.

1905-Henry Ford buys out Malcomson.

1906-Model K,N,R and S introduced.

1908-Model T introduced.

1911-After an eight year court struggle,Ford wins appellate court decision regarding Selden patent infrigements.

1913-Mass production begins reducing a 12 ½ hour chassis build time down to 1½ hour.

1914-Ford doubles the wages of most of his workers to $5 per day.3/5 ths of all cars built are Model Ts and they are all painted black.

1918-Edsel Ford named president of Ford Motor Company.

1921-Henry Leland leaves Cadillac and starts up Lincoln Motor Company.

1922-Model T passes the million mark in annual sales.Ford buys out Lincoln.

1925-Balloon Tires offered on Ts and different colors offered once again.

1927-Model T production stopped after over 15,000,000 built. Model A production begins.

1932-Model A production ends after over 5,000,000 built Ford V8 introduced.

1935-Lincoln Zephyr introduced. Ford paces Indy 500.

1938-Mercury introduced.

1939-Lincoln Continental introduced.

1941-Ford six cylinder introduced.

1943-Edsel Ford dies of cancer an undulant fever.

1945-Henry Ford II named president over Henry Ford's objection. Lincoln Mercury division formed.

1946-Lincoln paces Indy 500.

1947-Henry Ford dies.

1948-Benson Ford named vice president & general manager of Lincoln Mercury.

1950-Mercury paces Indy 500.

1957-Edsel introduced. Mercury paces Indy 500.

1959-Edsel discontinues production one month after 1960  models introduced.

1964-Mustang introduced. Falcon sets first year sales record of around 417000.

1965-Mustang sales total 418000 in first year of production to eclipse Falcon record set one year earlier.

1978-Benson Ford dies.

1980-Henry Ford II retires as chairman.

1990-Ford purchases Jaguar for 2.5 billion.