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Ford & Mercury colors 1969 to 1972

1-Color names                                        Year of models & codes
Compétition Orange (M)                                1969 (3)
Vermilion (F)                                                  1970-'71  (1)
Calypso Coral (F)                                          1970 (2A)
Medium Coral (F)

Make & model availability
1969 Mercury Comet/Montego/Cyclone 2 doors
1969-'70 Shelby GT 350 & GT-500
1969 1/2 Mustang Boss 302 only
1969 1/2 Cougar Eliminator only
1970 Torino,Mustang & Maverick
1970 Mercury Cougar    all models
         Montego/Cyclone   all models
1971 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler only
1972 Ford Pinto

2-Yellow (M)                                                           1969 1/2 (9)

1969 1/2 Cougar (Base and XR-7 only-not available on Eliminator).Dupont lists this as originally a 1969 Ford Truck color,Dupond also lists this as a 1969 1/2 Ford car color,but no other sources confirmed this as a car application.

3- Competition Yellow  (F,M)                                1969-71 (D)
    Grabber Yellow (F)
    Bright Yellow(F)
    Pinto Yellow (F)

1969-70 Shelby GT 350 & GT 500
1969 1/2 Boss 302 only
1969 1/2 Cougar Eliminator only
1970       Torino,Mustang,Maverick
1970       Mercury Montego/Cyclone,Cougar
1971       Torino,Mustang,Maverick,Pinto
1971       Mercury Montego/Cyclone,Cougar,Comet

    Competition Blue (F,M)                1969 (J9)   1971 (J)  1972 (3F)
    Grabber Blue (F)
    Pinto Blue  (F)

1969-70 Shelby GT-350 & GT-500
1969 1/2 Cougar Eliminator only
1970 Mustang/Cougar
1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler only
1970 1/2 Torino (probable midyear addition-not verified)
1971 Torino,Mustang,Maverick,Pinto
1971 Mercury Montego,Cyclone,Cougar,Comet
1972 Mustang,Maverick,Pinto
1972 Mercury Cougar / Comet

   Competition Green(F,M)                 1969-'70 (Z9),  1970 (Z)
   Grabber Green(F)
   (Solid color-not metallic)

1969-70 Shelby GT-350 & GT-500
1970 Mustang
1970 Cougar,Cyclone Spoiler only
1970 1/2 Torino :(probable midyear addition-not verified)

  Competition Gold (F,M)                     1969-'70 (u9)   1970-'71 (U)
  Grabber  Orange (F)

1969-'70 Shelby GT 350 GT 500
1970 Mustang
1970 Cougar (all models)
1970-'71 Cyclone Spoiler only
1970 1/2 Torino (probable midyear addition-not verified)

  Grabber  Lime  (F)                                              1971 (1)
  Bright  Lime    (M)
  Pinto  Lime      (F)

1971 Mustang (including MachI & Boss
         351 models),Maverick,Pinto
1971 Mercury Cougar,Comet

  Grabber  green metallic  (F)                                1971 (Z)
  Competition green  metallic  (M)

1971 Torino,Mustang (including MachI & Boss 351),Maverick,Pinto
1971 Mercury Montego/Cyclone,Cougar,Comet

  Medium Yellow Gold (F)                                      1972-'74 (6C)
  Medium  Bright Yellow (M)
  Medium Goldenrod(M)

1972 Ford Mustang
1972 Mercury Cougar
1973-'74 applications unknown

    Medium Bright Yellow (F,M)                       1971 1/2 (2,6E)
    Bright Yellow (M)                                       1972-'73 (6E)

1971 1/2 Unknown availability,but possibly applied to 70 1/2
Ford Torino,Mustang,Maverick,Pintoet Mercury Montego,Cougar & Comet
1972-'73 Torino,Mustang,Maverick,Pinto
1972-'73 Mercury Montego,Cougar,Comet
(Dupont paint charts list this color as added "late in (model) year".)

   Bright Lime(F,M)                                  1971 1/2 (4)
   Medium Lime(M)                                      1972 (E) (4E)

1971 1/2 Specific application unknown ,but suspect availability only on
'70 1/2 Mustang/Maverick & Cougar/Comet
1972 Mustang/Maverick
1972 Mercury Cougar,Comet
(Both Rinshed-Mason and Dupont paint charts list this as a late 1971 model year addition.)
1972 Mustang,Maverick
1972 Mercury Cougar,Comet

   Candy Apple Red (F)                               1966 -'71 (T)
   Red   (M)                                                     1972,1974-'75 (E)
Used across most car products during these years,includes 1969 and 1970 Ford Mustang ,Shelby GT 350 & GT500,Mercury Cougar,
Ford Torino,Mercury Montego/Cyclone (except 1970 Spoiler),Ford LTD/Galaxie,Maverick Continued into mid-1970's for full-size cars (LTD,Galaxie,Marquis,Montery),but not used on subcompact,compact,sports compact,and intermediatecars in  1971 to 1973

Memo:Bright Red (F,M)                               1971  (3)
            Pinto  Red (F)                                   1972-'76 (2B)

1971-'73Ford Torino,Mustang,Mavrick,Pinto
1971-'73 Mercury Montego,Cougar,Comet
1971-'72 Mercury Cyclone
1971  Cyclone Spoiler
1974-'76 Mustang II
         Other applications unknown

Memo :Light Grabber blueF)                          1973 (P)
            Bright Blue(F,M)                                1973-'74 (3N)

1973-'74Ford&Mercury produits plus Ford pickups;other  applications
               unknown.,This was not used on any passenger car applications
               in 1973,but was a regular passenger car color in 1974 whit
               application including the 1974 Mustang II,but
               not specifically limited to yhat model.This is believed to be
               the color used on the rocker panel areas of the rare 1972 Mustang
              Spring (White with blue lower rocker panel and"USA" decals),Some
              Mustang references refer to color code (3N) as "Medium Bright
              Bleu Metallic " for '74 Mustang II's, but Ditzler & Dupont paint
              codes match  Light Grabber blue (F)

Note: The following colors were not unique to the muscle car years
           (1969-'73).However, Candy Apple Red and Bright Red were
          popular colors for Ford and Mercury muscle cars,and Light
          Grabber Blue carries the "Grabber" name even though it wasn't
          really associated with use on muscle cars.

           Color Restrictions for Performance Models:

-1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302
Wimbledon White,Calypso Coral
Acapulco Blue,Bright Yellow

-1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429
Raven Black,Candy Apple Red,Royal Maroon ,Black Jade

-1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator
Competition Blue ,Competition Orange,Competition Yellow

-1969-'70 Shelby GT 350 &GT 500
Acapulco Blue,Pastel Gray,Royal Maroon,Black Jade,Silver Jade,
GulfstreamAqua ,Candy Apple Red,Grabber Blue,Grabber Green,
Grabber Yellow,Grabber Orange,Competition Orange (1970 Shelbys were
actually '69 Shelbys that were reserialized with an added front spoiler and  hood blackout.Thus all but the "Grabber" colors and Candy Apple Red are really 1969 colors that weren't otherwise available in the '70 Ford paint lineup.)

-1970 Mustang Boss 302
Candy Apple Red,Light Ivy Yellow,White,Pastel Blue,Medium Blue Metallic,Bright Blue Metallic ,Medium Lime Metallic ,Bright Gold Metallic,Calypso Coral ,Grabber Yellow ,Grabber Orange,Grabber Blue,Grabber Green

-1970 Mustang Boss 429
Grabber Blue,Grabber Green,Grabber Orange,Calypso Coral,Pastel Blue

-1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator
Competition Yellow,Competition Blue,Competition Gold,Competition Green,Competition Orange,Pastel Blue
According to Mercury Muscle Cars, Red and Bright Gold Metallic were midyear additions.

-1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler
Competition Yellow,Competition Blue,Competition Gold,Competition Green,Competition Orange,Pastel Blue

-1971 Mustang Mach I & Boss 351
Black,White,Bright Red,Light Pewter Metallic,Bright Blue Metallic,Dark Blue Metallic,Grabber Lime,Grabber Yellow,Grabber Blue,Grabber Green Metallic,Medium Yellow Gold

-1971 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler
Competition Yellow,Competition Blue,Competition Gold,Competition Orange,Competition Green,Bright Red ,Pastel Blue

Ford & Mercury colors 1966 to 1973

-This one's pretty easy-Candyapple Red (one work from 1966-'68 )
(left), was the red of choice for Ford and Mercury cars from '66 to '70.
Bright Red (right) replaced Candy Apple Red on all Ford and Mercury
small and midsize cars starting in '71 and running through '76.

-Here's where things start to get interesting. Competition
Orange/Calypso Coral (left) first appeared in 1969 on Mercury and
Shelby products. Competition Gold/Grabber Orange (middle) was
really a yellow color with a lot of orange. More toward the yellow end
of the spectrum was medium Yellow Gold/ Medium Bright
Yellow/Medium Goldenrod, a distinctive color that sold reasonably
well on '72 and '73 Ford Motor Company pony cars.

-Starting with "Medium Yellow Gold "from the previous photo (left),
other yellow colors from the muscle color range include a rare
midyear color simply called "Yellow" (left center),which was limited
to 1969 1/2 Mercury Cougars. Next comes '71-'73 Medium Bright
Yellow,(center right),and finally on the far right,'69-'71 Grabber
Yellow/Competition Yellow.

-The "muscle green" palette at Ford lasted from 1970-'72 with these
four colors.Up front is Grabber Green/Competition Green,which was
only available in '70 (except for '69 Shelbys). At the upper left is the
'71-only Grabber Green Metallic.In the middle lies the rare '71-only
Grabber Lime,followed by even-rarer '71 1/2-only Bright Lime.

-The two cars on the left are painted Grabber Blue/Competition Blue,
a color that was available from 1969-'72. The model on the far left is
painted with Testors Model Masters "Grabber Blue,"which gives a
very hight gloss straight from the can.This color contains just a hint of
yellow,making it a close match for Ford's genuine Grabber Blue (cen-
ter).The color at right is left Grabber Blue,found on '74 Ford and
Mercury products,with possible additional applications in '72 and '73.

-Taking a closer look at orange colors,you can clearly see the dif-
ference between these two hues.However,the color nomenciature is
confusing- The color on the left carried at least four different names,
including Competion Orange,Vermilion,Calypso Coral,and Medium
Coral, depending on the product line and model year.Grabber
Orange/Competition Gold (right),was most widely available into 1970,
with very restricted availability in '69 and '71.This is one of several
muscle colors available in areosol spray and airbrush-ready bottle
form from MCW Automotive Finishes.

-These three yellow colors look very close in this photograph,but
they're clearly different to the naked eye.On the left is the rare
1969 1/2 Cougar-only Yellow.On the right is the best known yellow,
which at various times was called either Grabber Yellow,Competition
Yellow,Bright Yellow,or Pinto Yellow during its '69-'71 run.The
Medium Bright Yellow/Bright Yellow color in the center appears to be
a mix of the other two, and reflects the sensibilities of car buyers as
they entered the early '70 after the heyday of muscle colors.

-Two of the least-known but most audacious colors of the muscle era
from Ford are these Lime colors.Grabber Lime was Ford's answer to
Chrysler's "sublime" color from 1970,and it was restricted to use on
'71 Mustangs,Cougars,Mavericks,Comets and Pintos.The Bright
Lime color replaced Grabber Lime for '72.This wild color doesn't
photograph well-it's a searing shade of chartreuse that looks identi-
cal to the color used on many '70s fire engines.